Why Coast Bridal Professional Wedding Vendors?

Why Coast Bridal Professional Wedding Vendors?

So you are planning a wedding reception or party in Pensacola, FL or surrounding areas.  When was the last time you planned a wedding?  How do you know where to go to find who or what you are looking for?  There are no yellow pages.  Nobody knows how to look to the BBB and Chamber.  So what’s left?  Word of mouth?  That’s great IF you know someone who has planned their own successful wedding reception but in several cases they will only be able to tell you who NOT to hire due to a bad experience.  So then what?  Paid advertisements.   Everyone says they are the best and they all say they are the most requested, most popular and yada yada yada.  Award winners?  Do you really think real customers take the time to vote for such silliness?  Client reviews?  Do you really think real clients take the time to leave a review?  What’s in it for them?  Obviously a few extremely grateful clients will take the time to vote or leave a review, but unfortunately for wedding vendors, it’s hard to get a review.

What is the truth?  How do you really know who is good?  Well it’s complicated.  Businesses sell, they change names, change owners, close and re open under a new name to erase their checkered past. Some have liability insurance and some do not.  Some have several years of experience and some do not.

The answer?

Coast Bridal Wedding Professionals.

Coast Bridal Wedding Professionals is made up of the best of the best, the real best of the bay and best of the coast.  These vendors are the real deal.  They play by the rules.  They have been in it for the long haul and they value your business.  They have undergone a board of selectors who only permit the best to be included in this exclusive list of wedding vendors.

This is a free service, with no strings, no catches.  Enjoy!